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I really like Monkey Island

... and I guess this is my fan page.

Why I love The Secret of Monkey Island

This is a video where I stroll through Mêlée Island and talk about why this game is so magic. I play this on my old Atari ST, the machine I experienced Monkey Island for the first time in 1991.
You can watch me trying to figure out WHY I love this game so much :)


Random drawings I made with Markers.

Monkey Island Archeology

I assisted the Video Game History Foundation in studying the source code of THE SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND (1990) and MONKEY ISLAND II - LECHUCK’S REVENGE (1991). For that I learned the basics of the game engine SCUMM to uncover and re-implement cut content. The findings were prepared for a live presentation for the 30th anniversary of THE SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND.
See the results in Frank Cifaldis fantastic blog post and watch the online presentation below!

Pixel Art

It fascinates me how different rooms feel if I put Guybrush from The Secret of Monkey Island into rooms of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge.


Between 2007 and 2010 I made a lot of flash movies. Most of them were Monkey Island related.

The Applicant

In 2012 I applied for an internship at Double Fine with an interactive application. It's a flash game called THE APPLICANT, and is secretly a love letter to THE SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND. The location of the game is a recreation of the first screen in Monkey Island, and all the sprites are heavily inspired by the spritesheets of the game.

Twitch Streams

With Jake Rodkin and Dominic Armato (voice of Guybrush Threepwood!) I played THE SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND and MONKEY ISLAND II - LECHUCKS REVENGE on Twitch in five sessions.